Fragrance Don’t Make Scents

Have you ever caught a whiff of your grandmother in the shower? The familiar scent of a handcrafted soap may remind you of her funny laugh or how she always seemed to get on grandpa’s nerves during dinner. Believe it or not, this is a common experience shared by many, especially for those who are standing downwind from a patch of lavender. In a recent study, experts found that a waft of lavender or jasmine will most likely trigger memories of a person’s grandmother. Research has shown that certain smells are linked to happy memories which can influence a person’s mood and improve their quality of life. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between fragrance and scent.

Traditional hand-crafted soaps are scented with pure essential oils and not “Fragrances”. Why? Because the FDA does not require the ingredients used to develop a company’s trademark “fragrance” to be disclosed on the label. This allows commercial manufacturers to produce “cucumber rain” or “orange blossom” scented soaps that could possibly contain hundreds of harmful chemicals. Some of these chemical concoctions are known carcinogens, and have been found to be skin irritants. Different oils contain different therapeutic properties.

Hand-crafted soaps scented with pure essential oils smell great because they’re completely natural. In addition, different oils contain different therapeutic properties with their own unique benefits. For instance, soaps with Patchouli oil emit a woody, earthy smell that can help heal problem skin that’s dry and cracked. How about an invigorating, fresh scent to wake you up in the morning? Look no further than a stimulating bar Lemongrass soap. Soaps laced with lavender will relax you, and they’re a gentle exfoliant that’s great for all skin types.
We live in a culture that bombards us with stimulation in the form of sights and sounds. However, studies have shown that the things we hear and see don’t influence us nearly as much as what we smell. Our sense of smell is responsible for triggering memories, enhancing our moods, and igniting the passions that define us as individuals. So take a moment to stop and smell your soap. It can transform a simple shower into a pleasant stroll down memory lane.