Mind, Body & Soap

Every soap has a story, and what you don’t know about sandalwood could probably fill a book. This would be a very old book, containing thousands of chapters, and it would take you a lifetime to finish. However, there’s no need to panic, because this not an introduction to the aforementioned book. What you’ve stumbled upon here is a blog, so I’ll make it brief.

The essential oils used to make sandalwood soaps are extracted from mature Sandalwood trees through the process of steam distillation. These trees, which are usually between 30-80 years old, are found in India, Hawaii and Australia. The Older trees are more desirable sources of extraction because they yield more oil and emit a stronger scent.

As one of the earliest perfume materials known to man, the essence of Sandalwood is considered to be a powerful source of clarity, insight and wisdom. For this reason, it has been revered by numerous civilizations and cultures for over 4,000 years. In India Sandalwood is considered to be a holy and necessary component for practicing many sacred Hindu rituals and ceremonies. From the birth of an individual until their death, it has a significant role to play throughout the life-cycle of this ancient religion.

The soothing and moisturizing effects of this soap have been known to benefit nearly every kind of skin. A hand-crafted soap, made with true Sandalwood oil, cleanses without drying, and its own oils remain to protect the skin by keeping it soft and supple. The scent emitted from the essential oil of Sandalwood is often utilized in aromatherapy help patients with stress and anxiety. Plus, it can be used to relieve depression and center an individual for the purposes of meditation. It’s also great for washing up after practicing martial-arts or yoga as a healthy part of a complete transformation. To sum it up, this super soap can do it all because it’s good for the mind, body and soul.